I Need a New Name for Human RESOURCES


I am the anti HR guy. I know, it is hard to believe because I talk about culture all the time. There are two reasons for this.

First, the name. Why do we call it “human resources?”  People aren’t resources!  They are human beings!  Calling people resources is just plain dumb. We should make fun of companies that do. (I mean, really, come  on!)  We call this part of our company, “People Development”, but I don’t like that either. It just doesn’t sound right.  Both names suck. So I am looking for a new name for human resources.  Does anyone have a great name for this group?

Second, HR is so often about policy. And to really understand my view on policies, read my post “Do You Have a Policy About Working Naked?”

Policies are created for the few that break the rules. Then we end up penalizing the many that don’t break the rules.  Totally illogical. In our painted picture, we envision the day when our entire employee policy manual fits into an 8 page booklet full of pictures and few words. To get to this eureka, we constantly look at our big book of policies and hit “delete.”  Because the truth is that we often spend more money on policing a policy then we would if we were penalized for breaking them.

Lets just say that if you are an HR policy wonk, you probably wouldn’t fit here. And you probably wouldn’t want to be awarded a franchise.

So if anyone can give me a new name, it would be much appreciated.

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